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A combination of Freckles (or Frown) and Wrinkles.
Josephine had just turned 27.

"Look how old you are, you've got frinkles" gasped Tarkquin
by Sminkypinky January 08, 2010
That ugly little wrinkle between your eyebrows that comes from frowning too much.
I wish I could get some botox for my 'FRINKLE'
by momo64 January 11, 2011
Sharp facial stubble, typically consisting of between 2 and 5 days of growth
She wanted to make out with him, but didn't feel like dealing with his frinkles, so she decided against it.
by Bonehead14 November 27, 2010
Freckles with wrinkles.....
She was old and had freckles, blended together they made frinkles.
by davey T February 22, 2014
The prickly sensation in your toes or feet when your foot falls to sleep.
Emily walked gingerly across the floor because she had a bad case of frinkles.
by Kaiteigh January 11, 2008
a term used when trying to decode ones gender.
Ex. did you see that frinkle hanging with that group of tricks, that dawg was trippin
by frinklefolifeeeez May 01, 2010
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