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noun - a compilation of the words "fringe" and "ninja". One of those creepy emo kids with a huge chin length fringe who possesses the ability to move up behind you in total silence. Eye-witness acounts report that when this occurs the victim is seen to simultaneously shit his/her pants and scream like a hampster being squashed in a hydraulic press.
Victim's friend: DUDE LOOK OUT A FRINJA

Victim: EEEEEEEEEEHR@^TU$I@VCJ@TDF(@*^@%@D(*!@&^B(* POTATO @H $B28^$&!&*#^!&$YG$MONKEYSCROTUM@$&@GE(*%@^$PURPLE PICKLES*@T G@BDH@8y(*@^^@#
by Dahiggins October 24, 2009

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