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A person of large gerth and size trained in ancient Japanese martial arts and employed especially for espionage and assassinations.
Last night i saw a large figure running and leaping swiftly through the forrest. It must have been a "Finja"......
by NWFHA800 July 24, 2009
A Fart Ninja is gas that is smelled but not heard. It creeps up on you. A synonym for Nart and Silent but Deadly.
Thats gross!! Did you just let a finja into the room? Maybe it's hidding under the couch, but I know someone did it because I can smell it.
by Grippstick October 09, 2007
(n) The lover who inserts a finger in the anus during intercourse which slips in without warning or permission, like a ninja.
If you're not into getting the surprise finger in your ass during sex, be warned, she's a finja.
by BiteySaurus August 07, 2012
A finnish ninja. They work in secret, killing mass multitudes of people and blaming their casualties on the irish mob. The finnish hockey player Teemu Selanne is the most respected finja, and the leader of the Helsinki division.
"Hey man, watch out for those finjas; they'll get you good."

"Wow, there's been an increase in fatalities by the irish mob. The finjas must be working overtime."
by teemu_selanne November 18, 2007
A Filipino ninja - Often refured to as a 'Pacific Islander'.
Hey Felix, your such a Finja!
by XDLuke December 02, 2008
A fake Ninja, one who dresses like a ninja but does not act like one.
Person 1: "Did you see that Ninja"
Person 2: "That wasn't a Ninja, it was a Finja"
Person 3: "A what"
Person 2: "A fake Ninja, he had a gun"
by Danny Rei January 01, 2008
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