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Frieza is one of the main villains in DBZ. Can blow shit up with one finger, but gets his ass kicked by a saiyan monkey. Also cannot tell time.
*Frieza Shoots Death Ball*
"Five Minutes, and namek will blow."
8 episodes later
"Just two more minutes!"
by gorath March 11, 2008
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1. One of the main villains in Dragonball Z. He was defeated by Goku, but came back later as Cyber-Frieza, who is mostly machine. Even though Cyber-Frieza is more powerful than regular Frieza, Trunks still whooped his ass easily!
2. Someone who really, really, really hates monkeys, apes, or Saiyans.
1. Dude! How can you think Frieza's a badass? Both Goku AND Trunks beat the shit out of him!
2. You might not want to take him to the primate exhibit at the zoo, he can be a real Frieza.
by Kevin Martin May 07, 2004

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