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adj.To Have Sex
adv. To get Robbed
To Get Beat in something really bad
I stained sally last night

I got stained fo my Rims

I was staining them in basketball
#lose #d-block #sex #rob #whup
by Chi_townz_finest_yo May 29, 2006
marked and needed to be cleaned or discarded of
Gary stained his undies for the 4th day in a row.
by Jimmmy September 16, 2003
Refers to being completely hammered. Generally someone is stained if they deny being drunk at all but are completely gassed. Derived from shit-stained.
Dave, exams are done,you wanna get stained?
#stained #stain #shitstained #seizure salad #dave sabourin
by jakester17 March 02, 2008
the effects of stain;feeling high
im so stained i cant feel my face
by Tim Doheny February 25, 2004
Stoned on an assorted variety of pyscho-active substances.
Hey freddy, what went down in class today?

I dunno, you an me was gettin stained earlier, remember?

Oh yeah... That was you?
#dope #high #stoned #drugs #faded
by Eapert McDangles June 11, 2006
when a girl is on her period but she didnt know and when she found out she could have stains if you know what i mean..
"omg susy i think im stained. and these are my favorite jeans too!"
#stained #stain #period #pms #blood #girls problems
by reel em big March 27, 2008
An insignificant mainstream rock group who tried Intellectual rock but failed miserably.

Unfortunately they also attempted a cover of Tool's song "sober" who's main effect was to make everyone wish they werent.
"stained tried to leg hump Tool but failed to gain an erection quick enough"
by Frank November 02, 2003
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