a situation in which two friends* partake in activities (such as movies, coffee, walk on the beach) that have the appearance of a regular date, but have no romantic intentions.

* the two friends are of the opposite sex, unless one or both are homosexual
Joe and Anna went on a friend date to Grant Park.

by Stickey Wicket December 16, 2007
A group of two or more friends hanging out with no intentions of any romantic feelings coming into play. They do things such as eat lunch dinner, Hang out , watch movies ect..
Bob sue and jack went to the movies on a friend date
by LittleChildOfJesus January 02, 2012
An outing that usually occurs with a friend.
There is a cool event going on in town, so Rebecca asks Kristin, "hey do you want to be my date"

Kristin says, YES.

They are going on a friend date, because they are friends
by the archetype March 06, 2013
An outing with a friend (or friend of a friend) of the opposite sex that is not romantic.
Don't be jealous. It was just a Friend Date.
by WickedThorn March 12, 2012

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