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Small, virtually flat breasts (egg white), with only a tiny nipple (egg yolk) protruding.
We were considering stopping at Denny's after the bar, but Calista offered to serve up her own fried eggs at home.
by Herbie Herbruck August 29, 2003
When a woman exposes her breasts by pressing them on glass for others on the other side to see.
People on the other side of the glass will see that the breasts resemble fried eggs.
by hyperdiaper August 12, 2009
a. Delicious breakfast

b. Misheard for the word 'friday' in Rebecca Black's song "Friday"
Its fried egg,
Fried egg,
Gonna eat me some fried egg,
Fried Egg
Fried Egg.
by Doc Madness March 16, 2011
Also know as 'Ian's fried egg model'. This is the act of having a poo in someone else's toilet. Use exessive toilet roll to fill the toilet before having the poo, this is known as the 'base' on which the poo will lie. The poo itself then becomes the egg yoke. the paper used to wipe should then be carefully placed aroung the poo, as this resembles the egg white
I just did a massive fried egg in Aramis' room
by winnet94 October 14, 2011
When a man ejaculates on to a hot surface making the cum start to boil
Chris came onto his CPU and its started hissing like a Fried egg
by HL10 July 25, 2015
When you take a very distinctly hot frying pan and you spank your soul mate with it and then you ejaculate on where you spanked her to cool it down.
Me and my old lady did the fried egg last night...
by beaner 666 December 03, 2010
White person, who wants to be, or should be Asain. I.E. white on the outside, yellow on the inside.
Asain: "He's comming with us (points at white kid)?"
Asain 2: "Don't worry, he's a fried egg."
by John G. October 09, 2005
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