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"We should frick frack ya know"
#fun time #doing it #getting it on #applause #yaaaaas
by asdlk;sakd;askd;adsad October 01, 2013
To have sex; do the do; dingle dangle; INTERCOURSE.
I can't wait for us to actually frick frack!
#fuck #sex #make love #sexual #intercourse #reproduction
by Faffy McFafferson March 12, 2015
Slang term used to identify with the prison lifestyle, specifically pertaining to he whom leaves his pants below his waist, thereby showing the backside and attracting copious mates within the wall confines. Most likely the result of "frick" and "frack" being used to replace "fuck" as to avoid using the actual profanity.
Ace: Homie, pull your damn pants up!

Deuce: What I gotta pull my pants up for? Ain't hurting anybody.

Ace: Don't you know showing your ass that's prison code for the frick frack?!

Deuce: Uhhh....

Ace: Exactly. Unless you want the frick frack, get a damn belt and don't drop the soap. Else you lookin' for a prison buddy.
#dont drop the soap #frick #frack #ass #prison buddy
by D. Liverance February 14, 2014
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