a fruitcake
see fag
Hesperia High School is loaded with "fribbles"
by me March 21, 2004
Top Definition
A security protocol for IT systems. Normally written as FR-IBB/LE, this represents the highest level of physical and logical security and requires a rigorous assessment.
We have developed a new bank-grade system with Fribble security certification. It was essential to ensure it met the FR-IBB security standard with LE encryption otherwise it would not have been accepted.
by fishyrich February 27, 2012
When a person has ice cream or a frozen dairy treat in their mouth and lets it drip or dribble onto a woman's breasts and proceeds to motorboat them. This act is referred to as "fribbling." For the anal (homosexual or adventurous) equivalent, see bribble.
"Hey, that Caity girl over there has some slammin' tittayz! I'd be down to fribble that bitch any day."

"Yo, last night Jared actually tried to fribble me. Girl, I ain't never been milked like that before!"

"Mama, no lie, he was totes DTF. You know, Down To Fribble."
by Lol JK January 22, 2014
when a really fat woman is sitting on a guys dick and she is rocking back and forth violently.
Jessie: "Hey Ruthie, how bout givin' me a fribble?"

Ruth: "Ok, turn over Jess & I'll give you a fribble that you'll never forget!"
by truckintim87 August 31, 2010
that guys acting like a real fribble
by yecriep May 07, 2010
A so called delicious ice cream treat that has the taste and the consistency of diarrhea. Often served in a cup.
John: Hey wanna go get a fribble?
Alex: No they taste like liquid poop
by Akes Vova July 10, 2008
A perplexity, or elaborate puzzle.
My, that is quite the fribble you've gotten yourself into.
by Jericho Bloom September 23, 2007
Something Ms. Christian says when shes angered. Maybe its suppose to mean fuck in her world but you never know...
Also known as Fribble dibble
Oh fribble i forgot about the test!
by Jordan May 16, 2004
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