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12 definitions by truckintim87

10 or more black niggers
"a lot of niggies attend rap music concerts!"
by truckintim87 April 02, 2009
Mexico is America's butt if Canada is America's hat!
"Hmmm, they say that Canada is America's hat, huh?--Then Mexico has got to be America's butt!"
by truckintim87 April 01, 2009
anybody who attemps,(and suceeds sometimes) to take "all-u-can eat" food outside of the restaurant, so they can eat it later on.
Manager: "Hey, what do you think your doing?"

Customer: "Uhhh, nothing!"

Manager: "Yea, nothing?" "Now I want you to throw away that food that you hid in the napkins and your purse--you damn buffett bandit you!"
by truckintim87 April 03, 2009
The lucky guy who was the first to have sex with a virgin.
"Yes, if you had sex with a virgin, you definitally are a cherry buster!"
by truckintim87 April 29, 2009
when you blow a silent fart & the gas rides up to the top of your butt cheeks, which tickles
Mom: "What's so funny,Junior?"

Junior: " I just ripped a tickle fart!"

Mom: "Ooooo-kay, whatever."
by truckintim87 March 29, 2009
when you can't get any sex on sunday, so you have to grease up your palm and have your own palm sunday!
" Guess I ain't gettin' pussy today. Looks like it's gonna be another palm sunday!" :(
by truckintim87 April 08, 2009
The rough peanutbutter that comes in 15 lb. metal cans supplied by the U.S.D.A.
There are no warnings on the can, which there should be for choking hazard.
1)It is supplied for needy families
2)It is supplied for needy institutions
3)You cannot spread this peanutbutter
4)You cannot lube a tractor with it
"Somebody, please help me...I cannot get my knife back out of this government peanutbutter!"
by truckintim87 March 29, 2009