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A "friend" who really doesn't like you, nor you like she, yet you are drawn togther by some sick dramatic bond.

Hey, there are cards tonight at the frenimies' house. Let's go get dissed.
by coctailblonde November 22, 2007
Two people that used to be very close. Then turned into enemies. That is why people call them Frenimies.
We used to be friends but now we are Frenimies.
by Frenimies November 29, 2015
a girl who you think a friend but is really a ( mean, slutty,fugly,ho bag,shit faced cock master, doney raping shit eatter,backstabber, who talkes behind your back, and who does not care about you)eminy !!
OMG she is such a frenimy she is totally scamming on my georgeous boy friend
by caty9998 August 11, 2006
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