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A woman of low character, found in the Blues standard "Dust My Broom" which was covered by only the raddest blues artists that ever lived or are living today. Not used widely today, but should be.
"If I can't find her in West Helena, she must be in East Monroe, I know. I don't want no woman wants every downtown man she meet, She's a no good doney they shouldn't 'low her on the street..." -thats how the song goes.
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A grimis looking elf that has small hands and small fungi growing feet with nails that could cut a human throat. Has a large passion for soccer and his hair. Jesus himself could say Doney has a unibrow but he wouldn't believe it. He believes strong in family values, such as nurturing for the 13 feline members and the one anteater of the family. Although he looks friendly, keep your distance if he has not had the proper amount of sleep or his sandals have been stolen. Feeds on Coco Puffs, turkey, and Fresca.
"Chris you're not going anywhere till you clean your fucking room" -Kathy Doney
by J&E March 18, 2005

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