1: English spoken with such a bad french accent that it is not understandable.

2: French spoken with such a bad english accent that it is not understandable.

3: Speaking english and french at the same time by alternating from one language to another every 1 or 2 words.
Frenglish 1: Eye woode leyeck zum freyed ehggz pleeze.

Frenglish 2: Ge voodray doo pahn sil voo play.

Frenglish 3: dit dinc dumbass, j'ai asked pour some putain de eggs and pain!
by t.p.in.lux2 July 10, 2008
Top Definition
English with traces of French words littered throughout. Spoken by bi-linguists and/or people who are not quite fluent in French.
"I really besoin de faire my taxes tonight. Cause they're due like, maintenant. So I'll do that ce soir."

"Quit speakin' Frenglish, dude!"
by happinessiseasy April 13, 2007
French spoken with grammar that is acceptable only in English
Frenglish: J'adore toi ---> I love you
French: Je t'adore ---> I you love
by Faux-Vie March 14, 2008
a language spoke by frenchys that is very poor english
from one time i was playing dod:

fuck hwy you stay behind me!1

wombat hack ...... why he know i am here!!!!!

all you guys are death

nub gay and i just up the stair

wtf whit yoru vent nub

i up tair and he shot me in the stair gg nub hacker
by cuStomz0rz March 25, 2004
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