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1.) When somebody gets owned by someone verbally

2.) When someone falls down

3.) When somone dies on an online game

~guy just got verbally owned by e-thug~
you: player down...
by cuStomz0rZ March 13, 2004
just like queer, only more for online use
that camper is the biggest quare_
by cuStomz0rz March 13, 2004
a language spoke by frenchys that is very poor english
from one time i was playing dod:

fuck hwy you stay behind me!1

wombat hack ...... why he know i am here!!!!!

all you guys are death

nub gay and i just up the stair

wtf whit yoru vent nub

i up tair and he shot me in the stair gg nub hacker
by cuStomz0rz March 25, 2004
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