A person who is both a friend and an enemy. They can both cause one's demise and brighten one's day. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your frenemies right by your side.
My roommate was a frenemy: she would leave a sink full of dishes but she always ensured the fridge was stocked with beer.
by ajfajn October 03, 2011
Someone you love to hate
"Why do you hang around with that kid?"
"I don't, he's just my frenemy."
"I enjoy treating him like shit."
by -Special Ed- January 01, 2010

We're basically en route to war with them, but they're so essential to our everyday lives we can do nothing about it.

We can't live without little plastic cars.

From the Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert.
China's our frenemy. They're communists, but they stabilize our economy
by stikshift June 05, 2007
A person who is your friend but acts like your enemy.
Your Friend: "OMG that is such a terrible skirt, seriously do you mean to turn guys off or is it just your off fahsion style?"
You: "Have you noticed that you are such a frenemy?"
by Honeylade August 21, 2006
Your enemy who's also a friend.
Kitty Pryde is on the X-Men and Lance Alvers is on the Brotherhood. They're on opposite teams, thus making them enemies but they're still friends....Therefore they are each others frenemy.
by CountryGurl2286 June 10, 2008
a word used, usually in tabloids, to describe two people, usually famous people, who are enemies in the press and friends in real life or vice versa, generally a technique used simply to gain publicity.
lindsay lohan:omg look we're on the cover of US weekly AGAIN!!
paris hilton:omigod lindsay this frenemy thing is doing wonders for our image
by sarahhhhhhhhhhhhh May 20, 2007
A frenemy refers to a company that can be both a partner (customer, vendor, etc.) and a competitor at the same time.
Sir Martin Sorrell said he counts Google as a frenemy of WPP, the ad agency empire that be built. On one hand, Google offers WPP a chance to buy cutting edge interactive ads for its clients. One the other hand, Google makes no secret of its intentions to allow anyone to buy ads for themselves, which could disintermediate ad agencies.
by Sean M. West February 22, 2007

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