A portmanteau of friend and enemy; an enemy who acts like a friend. Sometimes spelled frienemy.
Beware of the frenemy
by Deathkandy April 04, 2009
A person who pretends to be your friend to get connected to other people you may know and then blows you off once they are connected to your friends. They are very smooth and everyone thinks that person is great until they are eventually traded up by this person for another "better" social connection. They are social climbers and usually the social "leader" in the group. No one wants to reveal this actual frenemy for fear of backlash from the rest of the group. The frenemy will actually put you in a bad light to other people behind your back without making it seem like they are talking about you and actually spill anything you may have told them to others without making it seems they are telling a secret. Be aware of the frenemy because they will have your friends alienate you to be their friend. They are fake and although you may be a smart one to recognize them, others may not and exude praise upon them until they've been tricked by the frenemy.
Susan just told me that Vera made her sad by yelling at her for no reason. Susan said all she tried to do was tell Vera that she was wrong about changing her plans to go shopping. Do you think Susan may be Vera's frenemy? Vera hasn't said anything about the argument at all until I spoke with Vera and she stated that she tried to politely inform Susan that she was not up to go shopping without giving details about a personal situation and Susan just kept at her until she blew up. Yet Susan has told the whole group about the fiasco and everyone feels bad for Susan.
by Kimiyasa March 13, 2010
A person who seems to be a friend, but takes every opportunity to make cutting remarks under the guise of being honest, naive or just stupid.
A Frenemy is a 29 year old who says to a 50-year old who is being sexually harassed at work by person of same age-"Oh, I guess old people still want to have sex, too!"
by BettyBoop57 May 25, 2009


The type of "friend" whose words or actions bring you down.(whether you realize it as intentional or not) The type of friend you ought to cut off but don't cuz...they're nice... good ...you've had good times with them. U know...they're good people that you can count on to bring you down again sometime in the near future.The friend you may or may not have cornered about their quicksand like ways and keep around because "its in the past"...and so was one minute ago. The person that will continue to bring you down until you demand better for yourself.
When you ask yourself is that person my friend or enemy...they are your frenemy. Straighten em out or leave them.Don't put up with it.

A portmanteau of friend and enemy; an enemy who acts like a friend. Sometimes spelled frienemy.
Beware of rich the frenemy
by JUSSTRIGHT September 14, 2010
Someone who acts as your friend while having alterior motives. Winston Churchill is credited with first coining this term while discussing America's involvment in WW2.
"America is Britains first and only Frenemy. It is this country which will help with one hand while taking with another".
by CAalfie March 21, 2012

A "friend" a "bad friend" who cares only about themselves. A friend who gets their way no matter the cost, and who they step on along the way. One might stay in a "frenemy" situation because they are fearful of this person. Or they are oblivious to the reality of the situation. A good way to spot “frenemies” is to judge reactions if they don’t get their own way. A frenemy will be in the wrong and wait for you to apologise. They will defriend you on social media and bitch about you, your life and most importantly your relationship behind your back with anyone who will listen. They will be mean to you or lay guilt trips to get their own way. These “frenemies” cannot stand to see you happy without them and are worried they will never have something special like you have. There is jealousy at the root of everything they do and they project a lot of hate towards other people in your life. They will interfere in your relationships and say that they are acting in your best interests. This is a lie. These are also known as a toxic friendship. If something is toxic it needs to be cut away.
Classic example 1: when your best friend ruins your relationship because they have their own selfish agenda.

Classic example 2: frenemy will bad mouth your relationship and even lie about your significant other because they know what to say to break it up and keep you to themselves
by jc231092 April 01, 2013
"Frenemy" (alternately spelled "frienemy") is a portmanteau of "friend" and "enemy" that can refer to either an enemy disguised as a friend, pretends to be your friend to get connected to other people around like girlfriends, wives, boyfriends and hubby's takes every opportunity to make a cut toward them or your pocket because you are a good friend and they know you trust them. They take advantage of your loyalty and niceness
He was my Ace till he tried to be on the DL with my girl, now i know he's really just my Frenemy.
by mistixx November 15, 2011
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