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A type of meritocracy existing in post industrial nations with a highly educated population wherein degree obtainment is the only form of merit and degree inflation is rampant.
At the turn of the 21st century, the United States was surely becoming an Educatocracy.
by ajfajn October 03, 2011
Having an epiphany whilst peeing.
I went to the bathroom and had an epeephany.
by ajfajn May 03, 2011
A person who is both a friend and an enemy. They can both cause one's demise and brighten one's day. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your frenemies right by your side.
My roommate was a frenemy: she would leave a sink full of dishes but she always ensured the fridge was stocked with beer.
by ajfajn October 03, 2011
One capable of prostitution. Opposite of improstable
Damn she's prostable; I'd pay to sleep with her.
by ajfajn May 03, 2011
One who is incapable of being prostituted. The opposite of prostable.
My friend Carrie is improstable: no one would pay to sleep with her.
by ajfajn May 03, 2011

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