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An imaginary food, usually accompanied first by a waaburger. Is usually offered to someone who is whining, complaining, bitching, or any other annoying offense.
Guy: I can't spell anything right in this dictionary.
Guy 2: Get yourself a waaburger and some french cries.

Dude: I can't take it anymore!
Dude 2: Dude, get youself some french cries and quit complaining.
by punkbass_20x6 January 14, 2006
The derivative used in order to lower their feeling while crying
<marquee>AWWww...Tyler Hopkins...did I kick your Ass? I'll get ur a wahhburger and some frenchcries</marquee>
by Andrew<<<<STA ONE<<06 March 11, 2005
a fictional food that implies someone is being a cry baby. It is most often accompanies the word wamburger.
jake: mom, chris won't stop making weird faces at me!

chris: awww does poor baby want a wamburger and some french cries?
by Pont Lemarce November 09, 2006
yelled at someone that is whining to imply to him that he is whiny
Go get yourself some french cries and a wamburger
by T-Money April 01, 2005
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