a frontal wedgie, also known as a camel toe
damn i had this mad fredgie all day, it felt really good to pull that mess out.
by sophie2cool4u October 08, 2008
Top Definition
a frontal wedgie, a camel toe, a vaginal wedgie
owwwwwwww that fredgie gave me pussy bruise!
by chamy August 12, 2003
A typical wedgie, but one that only exists in a person's front region. fredgie = front wedgie.

Usually quite uncomfortable and causes people to hide behind their friends or large objects in order to adjust it in private. Mostly only happens to girls.
"Damn.. I have such a front wedgie right now."
"You mean.. a fredgie?"
by Chubblo May 01, 2010
n. A front wedgie; a combination of those two words; a wedgie in the front.
Fredgies occur mostly within the female portion of the population.
Fredgies usually result in the act of wearing too short or too tight shorts.
Typical teenage girl: its summer, its so freaking hot. I just cannot wear pants today.

*puts on shorts and hits the town

after some time walking around, her shorts have ridden up and bunched up, thus giving her an uncomfortable Fredgie.
by hairohwhen July 05, 2014
A frontal wedgie. Can be used for both male and female.
Omg! I have a fredgie again !!
by Ademma January 15, 2008
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