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Frederik is a old German name meaning peace (Frede) and king (Rik). These words can still be recognised in modern German languages like Dutch (Vrede and Rijk=kingdom) and modern German (Frieden and Reich).
Many Royals all over Europe had the name Frederik: At present the Danish crown prince, but also Dutch royalty, Austrian, German.
by Peaceprince August 17, 2007
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Frederik is the name of the most handsome person you Will ever know and being in his company Will give you nothing but the Best time of your life. Other boys and men wish to be like Frederik and girls wish to be with him. He's an truly admirable person and is the wealthiest of the heart and mind. You Will ofte come across "Frederik" being used to describe a truly good looking Young man with a Nice body.
"Wow, he really has Got the look of a Frederik"
by Notevenlying October 10, 2015
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