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Originally meaning a person who tries to freak dance with tons of people, or things, but now means a pervert, creeper, or any sort of overly horny, gross, and weird person.
Person #1 OMG Did Cameron just try to freak with you?

Person #2 yeah! ewwww he's such a freakit!

Person #1 Omg your English teacher, Mr. Raymond, is like in love with you. It's so gross! Hes such a little freakit!

Person #1 Seriously, he tried to get up my shirt within the FIRST 15 MINUTES of the movie! Ugh! He's such a little hornball!

Person #2 Omg why must all guys be freakits! UGHHH!
by Beckley April 10, 2009
to do someting really well; improvise musically; rock hard; making a cool song; being original
"man that song you guys made up was hot". " thanks man you know we had to freak it".

"yall were freakin it on stage last night"
by winston tolliver April 10, 2007
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