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How you react when something really bad (see we need to talk) or good happens.

A manic, crazed feeling usually accompanied by some physical activity such as jumping, skipping, fainting, fluttering, screaming or bitching.
"It's not the cops dude, don't freak out."
by Miss Take December 15, 2003

1. to shock or disorient someone

2. to panic, to lose control
Woah, don't freak out, it's not the end of the world.
by Light Joker May 03, 2007
To achieve a state in which emotions like stress and worry are amplified. Commonly associated with OCD, deadlines, and middle aged women. Sometimes 'Freak'.
"If I don't get this thing done I'm going to freak out!"
by Kazyan July 13, 2006
A 1960's term used among hippies meaning to assemble together to drop acid at a party.
Brian:"Hey man, you going to the freak out?"
Keith:"Yeah man! Count me in, brother!"
by Christine July 14, 2005
It's when you freak out. Like if you have a panic attack or if you get paranoid all of a sudden (usually from a drug).
Last time I smoked dank, I had a major freakout.
by Angelica August 29, 2004
A sudden moment when you realize the decisions you made the night before were not the wisest. Freakouts generally occur in the early morning or late on Sunday evening. Typical freakouts consists of using the words "I'm sorry" "really!" "Whore" "re-evaluate" "I need to go to church" They also involve pacing back and forth in a room, shakes, face palms, and if bad enough tears. Freakouts generally take 24-48 hours to recover from and you will unfortunately not find your dignity. To avoid freakouts it is recommended to not go out. Ever.
Drunk ass 1: Monica.. Omg I'm having a freakout. Like REALLY wtf happened last night!

Drunk ass 2: well you were parking lot pimpin and I didn't want to interrupt
Drunk ass 1: I'm sorry! So you let me go home with a guy I met walking down the road
Drunk ass 2: yes

Drunk ass 1: seriously! Seriously.. I'm freakin out right now.
by Weeza30 May 05, 2013
to experience illogical thoughts or emotions after a specific event or ocurance.
First used by Townsend Jones.
I freaked out after seeing that dead bird in front of the DC.
by Disco Ditzes December 15, 1999
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