A girl who is most likely very innocent-looking and often shy, but when it comes to sex likes to be kinky etc.
"Shy in the streets but a freak in the sheets"
by Nattzgiveshead October 11, 2011
someone super wild and cool
your a "freak" in bed
by JordynBev09 December 18, 2007
"Freak!" is not really what you want to hear when you're trying to blend into a crowd. But for someone interested in being unique, it can be a compliment. Starting in the early 1800s, freak shows were a popular form of entertainment that literally involved putting weirdness on display. People who had extreme medical conditions - obesity, dwarfism, hairiness - could work in freak shows while people paid money to gawk at them. In the 1970s, the dance musich it "Le Freak" helped launch the disco craze, but also poked fun at the over-the-top devotion of nightclubbers. Being called a "music freak" or a "computer freak" has a certain charm because the idea is that while you may be abnormally passionate about one special thing, you're probably very good at it. Like "Jesus freak," however, it also might contain a subtle putdown about being so fervent about something.
"Oh my god, what a freak!"
"Hmm...let's see...I'm a freak...that's very interesting. But umm...I'm not the one prancing around in my high heels and miniskirt, now am I? As far as I'm concerned, the only freak here is you."
by xX_nameless_seductress_Xx May 04, 2007
1. Extremest as in: she/he is a freak in bed. (In a good way)
2. To have sex.
3. Weirdo, or someone who does strange things in the wrong situations. (In a bad way)
I want a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed.
-Ludacris, Usher & Lil John
by eb1radtech May 28, 2005
The wildest movie made in 1932. Used real freaks of nature in the movie. Check it out.
That movie "Freaks" really gave me the creeps when I was a kid.
by Shawnster April 20, 2005
a girl who:

is in a constant emotional roller coaster , she values sex more than any committed relationship and probably has multiple lovers. Her attitude objects the conventional social rules. This is easily derived from the deteriorating terms often used in societies to describe freaks.

To some extend this behaviour is a broken defence mechanism to avoid the feeling of a broken heart by being unemotional and detached no matter what the cost is. The usual pattern of her relationships include having sex, use and abuse ones feelings, mixed with drama manipulative behaviour and cheating. Freaks are usually drama queens and will do anything to draw attention into them and sympathy.

A freak will try everything for pleasure for the sake of the experience and then do it again and again until she decides if she likes it or not. According to social psychology, the mating strategy of "unrestricted sociosexuality” requires relatively less investment from the partner, and a freak is a good example to illustrate the point… as she finds it hard to suppress her desire at least for long time.
-man Lisa is such a freak,yesterday she slept with that guy and said she loves him like 50 times and the very next day she ends up doing another dude saying the same stuff.

- Wow , this is just freaky, is she always like that?
- Hmm, only when she wants to have sex or provoke some drama or avoid commitment or borrow another girl's boyfriend...
by puaXT April 15, 2010
Freaks-People who are unique or odd for the purpose of doing what they like. This word originated from the word FREAKSHOW.
"Yesterday I saw a freak!"
by Dani The Great January 17, 2005
In the 60's, a freak was someone who dressed like a hippy and did drugs. Was not derogatory.
Wow, that long-haired guy in the tie-dye looks like a freak.
by Liberte July 28, 2006
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