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a person who is different...
in a bad way or a good way.
mostly an idividual that is not the same as mainstream society
"look it's Jaime... what a freak!" - bad way

"you're a freak, Camel!"- good way
by critterzrule June 28, 2007
661 483
girl or boy that dances nasty consistantly
i was grindin that freak all night
by small ben June 24, 2005
5 20
an overtly sexual form of dance prefromed in clubs and at highschool dances.
some random guy came up to me and we started to freak
by dre February 14, 2005
102 118
1.really weird, obscure
2.outcast from society
2.Ashley M from Clark HS. Ultimate in weirdos.
Person1: Did you hear what Ashley said?
Person 2: Yeah. Dude she's such a freak.
Person 1: I know right. Major freak.

Person1:You know that one quiet chick no one really likes?
Person2: Oh yeah. Man....she's such a freak.
Person1: Yeah well.
by Katya Uzenburg June 21, 2009
5 22
someone who freaks. a more extreme case of freakin' would be a freakazoid.
"Dude, Chad is a freak!"
by chadrulezz May 20, 2007
6 25
a weird strange person mostly with the name david.
this kid can be off sometimes and calls people toots.
person 1- eww do you see that kid over there.?(points towards david)
person 2- yeah hes such a freak
by mhmmmmchickentoeesss July 24, 2009
3 23
One who is unable to turn off the sleaze.

-In clubbing context-
Hot girl 1: "Can you pretend to be my lesbian lover so this freak will leave me alone?"

Hot girl 2: "Can we make out then?"

Hot girl 1: "That would be best."
by brit ta April 17, 2009
2 22
someone who is always cybering
That Chick Is a FrEaK!!
by Garretts Girl December 15, 2007
8 29