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1)being to an extreme that is incurable. Something/one that may think or act a certain way for no uncomprehensible reasons.
2)sort of like, the very much minor social version of autistic.
1) That girl just took Bob's papers and shoved them into the toilet for no reason, she doesn't even know him! What a freak... Just get away...
2) You know Chad? The weirdo in our Chemistry? He just randomly started assuring me that he takes a shower everyday, out of nowhere. Just because I said the Chemistry lab was smelly. And then started yelling that I don't shower daily. What a freak...
by gerberkids June 25, 2006
This word in "slag" means a person who likes to lick asscheacks or take it in the butt, alot of people don't know that but its true, so the next time you hear some one say "YOUR A FEAK" say "You like to lick ass cheaks?"
DJ Assault:
Hoes thats what I got
Bitches got more then you got
Freaks that like to lick asscheacks
and I got sluts that take it in the butt
by Funsocks April 12, 2005
The penis.
suck my freak.
by Deep blue 2012 August 31, 2009
a freak is defined as Brandon.
Look at that freak. (points at brandon)
by Kaitlyn Mardangerie January 03, 2008
Meaning your about to exhibit your expertise in acomplishing something.
1) I bout to freak this black and mild.
2) Watch me freak this new video game move.
3) Let me see if I can freak this hot Diana Ross sample.
by Aon Hittz September 27, 2005
It's simple, a freak a combination of a french and a greek and also the real meaning of freak.
Tommy is a freak cause his mum is a french and his dad's from greek.
by Gadiy August 09, 2006
A strange person who has some abnormal trait that shuns any friends. Includes:

1) Sterotypes of: Dorks, Hippies, Goths, Dolts, Techies, Squeakers

2) Any Marylin Manson fan
What a freak! He's got long hair, is stupid, wears black every day, has a squeaky voice, and knows way too much about computers!
by Dr Nick November 21, 2002