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A term used to define being "fresh and ready." This term is different from just getting "ready" in that in involves more detail and time involving three or more of the following: Haircut, Shower, Shaving/ Triming (Face, body, and/or pubic area), waxing, Trimming nails, New or just pressed clothing, New or just cleaned sneakers or shoes, Cologne or perfume, or anything else that will make you stand out above the rest.
Dave: "Dude, I think she might let me hit it tonight!"

Nick: "Just make sure you get fready before you go over!"

Nick: "What time do you want to go to the strip club tonight?

Dave: "How about 11:00, that will give me enough time to get fready."
by Juanito Garza November 07, 2008
Fready= Fucking Ready. Its a step above ready.
It's go time, your pumped, your not just ready... your Fready.
I'm fready to go to the show!!
by Ablanda Shitpony November 10, 2010
a heightened stated preparedness or in immediately on the verge for action. An apostrophe can be used in the middle i.e. f'ready
I'm fready to go hit up the clubhouse!
Pass the hookah, I was born f'ready.
by ashon March 25, 2010
A more basic term for being "finished getting ready". Pronounced like the name freddy.
Guy 1: Is that bitch ever gunna be fready or what?

Guy 2: Shit's weak.
by Gautchie boy August 23, 2008
When One Is Fresh And Ready Simultaneously
Im Coming To Scoop You Up Are You Ready To Come Out? "Im Fready To Roll"
by Flo Aka Flizzy February 02, 2009
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