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n. a fucktard who is also a member of a fraternity on a college campus
I hated living in that dorm last year - it was full of frattards!
by Poo Flinging Monkey March 12, 2006
19 23
Heterosexual white male easily identified by the follwoing items: north face jackets, polo shirts, khaki shorts, wranglers, rainbow sandals, new balance tennis shoes, top siders, eighties sun glasses, and keystone breath.

Are frequently surprised to discover life outside of the frat culture.

Daily rituals often include shotgunning beers, taking advantage of drunken sorority girls, and general distruction of theirs and others property.
Hey who is that guy....oh yea that's Cory he's just not in his frat tard attire so you couldn't recognize him.
by Liz and Allie May 16, 2006
42 49