From a scientific stand point, the mentality of frat is extraordinarily close to that of a street gang as they both have various symbols and signs that you find engraved into bathroom walls and desks. They believe that strength comes in numbers and the individual is powerless by themselves. If understood by its definition, then a fraternity is a group of individuals who’s self esteem comes only from the amount of friends they can initiate into their frat. There is the social experiment of placing a member of a prestigious fraternity into a setting of those who are not part of the frat lifestyle and after a small amount of time, that individual conforms to the interests and beliefs of that group. Thus the strength of their fraternity is disproved. This is exactly the reason fraternities do not allow those of low income levels to enter their social groups. From an evolutionary stand point, diversity is beneficial in all forms. Thus a fraternity who lacks unconditional acceptance is flawed in its abilities.
the young man joined the fraternity for social acceptance but found unwarrented rivalries and economic discrimination.
by chris January 23, 2005
A group of college men with strong ties of brotherhood whose goals are to become better men. A brother is somebody who can be relied on in times of need and somebody who you will remain friends with for life. Fraternity men often have large networks in the professional world and are prominent in other groups on campus. Members in fraternities are often well dressed. They emphasize academic, philanthropy, fundraising, and social aspects of college life. Typically the Greek community are some of the most dedicated, hardworking, and involved students on any given campus who know how to have fun.
John: Hey man are you rushing a fraternity this year?

Greg: I'm definitely going to try, I've been dying to get into the whole Greek scene.
by JackDA October 17, 2012
douchebags befriending douchebags with the intent of engaging in acts of douchebaggery together
1: Look at all of those douchebags.
2: Yeah, I think they belong to that fraternity Phi Kappa Douchebag...
by 3754976843 November 30, 2010
A sorry excuse for on-campus participation in clubs and a form of 'purchasing' friends or as they are known amonst themselves...'brothers', for life; in which their frats always has to be named around 2 to 3 greek letters, revolve around a 5 party school weekday with different types such as a 'kickback' or a 'hoe-down'...with non-stop spirits all night
Blond Sorority Girl: those guys from (Insert some random Greek letter here) Lambda Yada yada are so cool because they got me tipsy!
Fraternity Bro's Girlfriend: I know! I know!...I like the muscular know...the ones with popped collars and such!
by Mrbgsf January 12, 2006
A sort of club for bored college students for the most part. You live in a house with other members of your fraternity and go to their parties which consist of underage drinking and other rebellious behavior. Pretty much anyone can join these. There are a few which are more specialized/focused on special interest however. You usually need a certain GPA, college major, religious/political belief, etc, to even be considered for these, and these are the ones that make the connections and produce very powerful people. Some of these fraternities are often associated with conspiracy theories due to their secrecy and character of their members.
Most recent figures show that about five percent of college students in the United States are part of a fraternity/sorority.
by Wisdom! November 21, 2007
a group comprised of males who need to find security in a group identity/subculture.
by =T August 21, 2003
A group of men who enjoy promiscuous gay sex. They mostly like to eat jizz and have sex with sheep. Many believe they are responsible for the terrorist attacks on the world trade center.
Fratboy #1: One time I was having sex with a duck but it choked on my cock so I took it back to the petstore and asked for a sturdier duck but now i'm banned from that store for life. I'm also banned from the supermarket.
Fratboy #2: y helo thar buttsecks!1
by GammaAlphaYorrick February 20, 2005

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