An organization that brings students together for the simple fact of having one thing in common; they all suck at life. This organization gives them the chance to buy and carry out false freindships through the organization and its ties with others like it.
Through fraternities the opposite sex can be invited to parties where they are handcuffed to the fraternity brothers for the night, because they lack enough substance as human beings to carry on an intelligent conversation and social function otherwise.
by davey10 March 12, 2007
An organization designed upon societal and/or religious virtues and designated by greek letters which is intended to provide additional assistance to young college men beyond the curriculum of their respective university, including but not limited to leadership, organizational, rhetorical, political and social skills. Focused on the instillment of manly principles such as maturity, discipline, honor, self restraint, friendship, kindness, labor and selflessness. These are values which the typical university does not attempt to foster and which are sadly lacking in many (but not all) of our generation. Fraternities are like people; there are good ones and bad ones, and each individual is responsible for which one they associate with as they will be rightly judged in kind; however, as with people, it is also highly irresponsible and ignorant to label or judge them wholesale.
True Fraternity men are those whose goal is academic excellence and the enrichment of society.
by Drew Reitman January 22, 2007
A bunch of rich bastards who's parents have to pay for them to have friends and f*ck girls in college.
Joey's father made him join a frat in college.
by JMae Rocks March 16, 2005
A frat is where all of the douche bags in highschool go to after graduation. Their now washed up football careers gone in the wind, they must find somewhere else to fit in for the next four years in order to not face their lack of passion and skill for anything but throwing balls and tackling people. So come join a frat! A multi thousand dollar buddies club where you can feel like you fit in somewhere, when in fact you're just a crowd following alcoholic sheep conformist with no real identity outside of your paid for "brothers" whos main hobbies include: getting drunk every day, failing classes, having sex with intoxicated women, developing alcoholism and getting stds, and judging other people for not conforming with your group of pretty boy preppy dickheads who think they're part of something bigger which is going to be gone before they know it.
Fraternity boy: Stupid gdi's everywhere, they make me want to just get drunk and fuck bitches to show them how cool we are!

"GDI": That's cool. While you're wearing your stupid polo shirts and salmon booty shorts with boat shoes, getting massively drunk every day and thinking it's a talent or something and not a drug addiction, neglecting the entire reason you go to college in the first place: to STUDY, and judging everyone who doesn't have to pay for their social circle with their parent's money, we'll be expressing ourselves freely, having a great time, and finding ourselves instead of trying to fit in with everyone else like always.
by Crumbusto August 20, 2014
A homoerotic group of males that stand around a keg, talking about how drunk they were the night before. In between cat calls and passing out they like to fight and jerk each other off.
A: "Hey man, you going to that fraternity party tonight."

B: "Are you kidding? I'd rather watch Sex in the City, naked with a snapple bottle jammed up my ass."

A: "Yeah, fuck those fraternity fags."
by Cobra Commander June 05, 2005
From a scientific stand point, the mentality of frat is extraordinarily close to that of a street gang as they both have various symbols and signs that you find engraved into bathroom walls and desks. They believe that strength comes in numbers and the individual is powerless by themselves. If understood by its definition, then a fraternity is a group of individuals who’s self esteem comes only from the amount of friends they can initiate into their frat. There is the social experiment of placing a member of a prestigious fraternity into a setting of those who are not part of the frat lifestyle and after a small amount of time, that individual conforms to the interests and beliefs of that group. Thus the strength of their fraternity is disproved. This is exactly the reason fraternities do not allow those of low income levels to enter their social groups. From an evolutionary stand point, diversity is beneficial in all forms. Thus a fraternity who lacks unconditional acceptance is flawed in its abilities.
the young man joined the fraternity for social acceptance but found unwarrented rivalries and economic discrimination.
by chris January 23, 2005
A good way to make valuable connections in one's college years and land a real job with their degrees. Same applies to sororities. Written by a frustrated Boomerang Generation kid who has still not yet gotten any offers after interviews and has daily regrets of not pledging while in school.
I have encouraged my college freshman brother to look into joining a fraternity so he doesn't end up like myself after he graduates.
by Prince Hans January 13, 2015
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