3 definitions by southerner

(1)half man, half monkey
(2)extremely hot pre-teen girl or mom
(3)dialer of prank phone calls
(1)Is that curious george??
(2)Damn... Mary Beth & Anne Manney sure are hot
(3)it's McKay, M-E-K-I
by southerner March 03, 2003
The fraternity is a dying breed. With notherners thinking that hair gel, popped collars, and abercrombie is cool, it is obvious why many people look down on fraternities. Southerners, however, are doing their best to keep the tradition alive. "You don't like us because you are not a part of us, and you are not a part of us because we don't like you."
take a look at www.fratty.net
SMU knows how things are and should be

Boston does not...
by southerner April 16, 2005
A "southern" state thats just barely in the south.. more of a middle state really.
Ahm frum TEN-see yawl! Land o' dixie!
by Southerner March 18, 2005

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