A sorry excuse for on-campus participation in clubs and a form of 'purchasing' friends or as they are known amonst themselves...'brothers', for life; in which their frats always has to revolve 2-3 greek letters, revolve around a 5 party school weekday with different types such as a 'kickback' or a 'hoe-down'...with non-stop spirits all night
Blond Sorority Girl: those guys from Blank(Insert Greek letter here) Lambda Yada yada are so cool because they got my tipsy!
Fraternity Bro's Girlfriend: I know! I know!...I like the muscular guys...you know...the ones with popped collars and such!
by Mrbgsf January 09, 2006
Top Definition
Commonly mistaken as a "frat" a fraternity is a group of men who share a bond of brotherhood. Most people can not understand. It could be compared to that of family. So yeah while those stupid ass "frat" boys give the rest of us a bad name there are some of us out there who do care about our personal worth and character.
Don't call a fraternity a frat, would you call your country a cunt?
by 479 April 28, 2003
A male organization known for their childish exclusion of others, excessive alcohol consumption, false sense of accomplishment and, of course, small genitals. Members of such an organization tend to travel in packs and develop a feeling of inadequacy and malaise if a brother is not aronud to have his back (or give him oral sex). Futhermore, brothers are often stricken with low grades, wide assholes and several sexual diseases.
Is that guy in a fraternity?
-Yeah, the popped collar, croakies and hangover are a dead giveaway.
by Taffaplatzel December 07, 2005
A "secret" society of homosexual white boys established so they can have butt sex in private.
Charles: "Hey Jim, I'm worried that people might find out about our relationship."

Jim: "Don't worry, we can join a fraternity to keep it a secret."
by Kevinitto March 25, 2010
a large quantity of males in the same house attempting to gather females (usually sorority girls) to parties that involve an obscene amount of alcohol.
Bro1: lets get a bunch of Phi Mu bitches to our party at the fraternity house.
Bro2: totally. ill get the beer and gamecube.
Bro3: i think i have a black dildo in my room too!
by Bro4 August 19, 2007
This is a group of males in college who pay money to spend time together. They do a lot of community service, like a couple of hours a month, to prove to the world how great they are. They host a ton of parties with copious amounts of booze; females can come for free, but few men not affiliated with the fraternity are allowed in without paying. This makes it easier for frat boys to get laid. People in fraternities tend to preppy and metrosexual or absolutely disgusting slobs; there is rarely any middle ground.
College student: How's the frat coming along?
Fraternity brother: It's not a frat. It's a fraternity!
CS: Uhh, ok. Sorry, I guess?
FB: You guess? You wouldn't call your country a cunt, would you?
CS: Well, I don't now, but I might if it was something I could choose to be in, I paid a ton of money for it, and the only benefit of being in it was so I could pay money to hang around with a lot of other like-minded homophobic rapists who claim they're better than everyone else. But hey, paying an extra 8 grand a year is so worth it for the bonds of brotherhood, am I right? My actual brother, you know, my twin, hasn't gone through nearly the same things as I have, like getting raped up the ass by the VP of recruitment. That's love, right there.
by iLikeSoup February 23, 2010
A clandestine group of well-heeled males. While they like to call themselves "leaders", in truth, they are nothing more than manipulators and are more then fairly adept at ruining peoples lives. Don't cross them or they will destroy you. Short on imagination themselves, they hire others to do their thinking for them and are great at taking credit for other peoples work. Unless, of course, the job doesn't go as planned. Then said frat brother cuts his losses and walks. Tremendous deniability. Only friendly to those heads who can advance the brother. A**H***s, every one of them. Occasionally they apologize for being class-one A**H***s, but the moment passes and they go right back to doing what comes naturally. They despise all women, without exception.
Dick Cheney and his merry band of urban fraternity gangstas went to Iraq and tore the country to shreds.
by trueblue6 November 28, 2011
A group of future failures who exist for no other purpose than drinking and trading STD's. Maybe they were originally a good thing, but now they're just annoying and a pain in the ass. They claim to be all about fellowship and community service, but strangely they never mention any of that during rush. Whenever there's an article about a date rape or alcohol poisoning in the newspaper, you can count on those pathetic frat fuckers to write a letter to the editor bitching about having a bad image in the media. No one's responsible for a fraternity's reputation besides its members, you piece of shit.
Twenty years from now, all those dumb ass fraternity brothers are going to be running the country. We're fucked.
by PSUindependent January 30, 2005
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