a cooperative environment for fraternity brothers to expand on their abilities and understanding of the universe.

Boy1: Im thinking about pledging XXX
Boy2: Yeah thatd be hot. Are you gonna live in their frat house too?
by Randomidous® January 01, 2006
Top Definition
a place to party and they have greek leters on the front of the house some frat houses are big some are small some are medium most frat house order kegs and get DRUNK ASS HELL
DO U want to go to a frat house party
by frat party king April 25, 2009
Slang term for a fraternity chapter.
Let's go over to the frat house. They're doing barbeque tonight.
by Sean Frum December 11, 2007
Its where guys pay to have friends and so they can get girls in their frat house so they can then put date rape drugs in their drinks.....
and they're gay
Frat house...pointless.
by taoo Polliu September 14, 2005
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