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A man who Obtains enlightened knowledge of oneself and heritage. A leader, A scholar, and an example of finer brotherhood. A member of Phi Omicron Psi, Fraternity Inc.
"At tonights block party, the Omicrons are supposed to set it off."

That is one sexy Omicron.
by OPsi023 July 22, 2008
1.The act of shooting an opponent perfectly in the head, but still missing that opponent through hitbox issues or random server lag.

2.A random server event

1a.I was about to win CPL finals, but then my gun went omicron and he turned around and shot me in the head

1b.I got so cronned by that server.

2.The server went cron on us in the middle of the match, and we had 3 rounds *sadface*
by Wall August 21, 2004

Refers to the act of womanizing and being a "playa".
Yo that omicron is hitting up my woman.
by Jack Mehoff January 27, 2005
one hella gangsta nigga na mean
that omicron nigga is hella ganster na mean one hit die clan
by cuz ONE HIT August 17, 2004
a person who bitches and won't stfu about hit detection
fuckiong server shit ass bitch gay hit detection, says omicron
by randomer ked August 29, 2003
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