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A tasty tasty peice of chicken.
oh man we just munged out on some KFC it was chickenlicious
by thegreatestshowbagonearthsux March 24, 2008
a shopping complex, or mall that is gargantuan
like anything you can buy is in that one place.
the new mall just opened and it is like 10 square kilometers! its a fucking googaplex you can get anything there.
by thegreatestshowbagonearthsux March 13, 2008
Ugly or hideous, disfigured.
me> Hey check out my MANKY toe!
you> ewww! what happened?
me> i dropped something heavy on it and minged it up!
by thegreatestshowbagonearthsux March 12, 2008
Blood or red stuff that looks like blood
Gore and excessive blood.
red blood cells
See that guy eat shit on his bike?
> Fuck yeah, there's clarrot everywhere

BOB: I dont like that movie saw
JOHNNO >Why? that movie is bomb diggety fresh!
BOB: Nah too much clarrot in it for me
JOHNNO >See the clarrot when he saw's into his own ankle?
BOB: Stop talking about that shit man its fucked up.
marijuana smoking term - session
short for the word session, derived from
"want to a have a session?"
simplified "want to have a sesh?"
then simplified again "lets go for an Esh"
very similar to the word oke= smoke
and the word graf = graffiti (also Graffin)
>Dawaynelle - yo man did ya see that mad fro up?

>Blayden - yeah man, oi lets go do some graffin
>Dawaynelle - ye first lets have an esh bro
>Blayden - fuckin OKE!!
by thegreatestshowbagonearthsux September 06, 2011
Yeh shoulda seen me full-on frash me mates torry it fuckin ripped thirds, yeah i frashed it staunched out a smoke show goin 120 on the great western highway!
by thegreatestshowbagonearthsux November 16, 2008
to have been agressive towards somebody as if you wanted to fight them.
or to walk up to somebody to intimidate them.
This munter staunched up to me so a axed him,
and this little guy wanted to go me but then i just went over and staunched him and he ran off.
by thegreatestshowbagonearthsux March 13, 2008

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