Means Fresh in E-dub terms
(e-dub)Yo Them JAyz iz frash
(hiwa)Earl son
by Hiwa October 25, 2007
Frash is a Macromedia (now Adobe) Player that is infact the same as Flash. However Frash brings your PC/MAC out in a Rash like virus. Frash is a joining of the two words FlASH and Rash. Frash like is cousin PDF, has the unplanned ability to Infect a PC/MAC with unwanted software such as Virus/Malware etc. The only known cure is to remove Flash to prevent Frash infections.
My PC got infected when I visited a website that required the Adobe Flash player to be installed, my PC now has FRASH.
by Interweb Enlightened December 26, 2008
trash, garbage, refuse that has a pleasant smell to it.
recently I tossed away the leftover parts of the fruits I used to make fruit salad and my son walks by and states,'Wow, the trash smells good?!'... From now on the proper way to state that would be,'That smells frash?!'
by DrC51Si July 16, 2009
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