THE BEST BAND EVER. The memebers of the band are Alex Kapranos(lead vocals and guitar), Nick McCarthy (vocals and guitar), Bob Hardy(bass), and Paul Thomson(drums and guitar).They're main goal is to create rock music that you can dance to, and they've deffinately succeded. One of the best bands I've ever seen in concert, they're very energetic and audience engaging. They have two albums, their first album "Franz Ferdinand", and "You Could Have It So Much Better". They're most popular song is probably "Take Me Out".
Visit Franz Ferdinand's website at, or their fan site at
by Katie Botto April 01, 2006
1. The best band ever from scotland

2. The dude from Austria-Hungary that was killed which started WWI
they have a good bass player in franz ferdinand
by Celest August 09, 2006
A band from Scotland that started World War One by singing "take me out." Gavrilo Princip thought this was a request to be killed so he shot them.
"Franz Ferdinand were shot and killed today by a member of the Black Hand Gang following a concert in Sarajevo."
by pixiebowl March 29, 2008
Over rated (POP) music.
Dam those Ferdinand fuckers with their dumbass haircuts and bad dancing.
by Simelion March 09, 2005
A band representing the national trend of taking a good, out-there, little-known band and blowing them up to the point that they are no longer good and out-there. This can be especially frustrating for those that purchased their CD before anyone else even knew who they were. Other examples of this include Coldplay and the movie Napolean Dynamite.
"I want to watch Napolean Dynamite again!"
"No dude, it got completly Franz Ferdinanded. Let's watch Pulp Fiction instead"
by oscar wilde February 07, 2005
Austro-Hungarian Monarch. Shot. Dead. WW1. So they say.

- or -

Pish and mystifyingly popular Scottish Band that are this month's 'band du jour' among Britain's alt-art "yeah I'm so trendy and with it" cognoscenti. Alternative enough to be acceptable to the educated middle classes and students, but sufficiently lacking in originality to have mass appeal among brain-dead assholes who like whatever happens to be trendy. Destined for fleeting success followed by half-hearted follow-ups of marginal artistic credibilty and only fringe appeal. Popular among people who punctuate sentences randomly with the word "like".
I went to a totally like underground Franz Ferdinand concert and only like really clever people who get it were there because it wasn't advertised except on the internet like and in a coded advert in The List that you had to be a totally clever like fan to understand. And I was there so I said the guy, I was like "I'm like your biggest fan and I knew you all before you were like really popular" and he was like "oh really well why don't you come in for like free then" and I was like "yeah" and I got in like totally free. It was so cool just like being so much like everyone else but in a totally like original and alternative way yeah.
by Esteban Tuero June 09, 2004
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