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1. The most amazing human being ever to live.

2. To be so Bosnian as to cough up blood.

3. To assassinate Archduke Ferdinand.
I just Gavrilo Principped that guy over there.
#assassin #franz ferdinand #emo #bosnian #blood
by Jun-Jun the Spoon December 01, 2006
A murderer.

He shot two people to death, one a pregnant woman. Contrary to common perception, he is NOT responsible for the Great War. He kiled two people, not two million. If you want to blame someone, blame Hotzendorff and Berchtold (look them up!).

The War was inevitable. Bismark knew it, he even knew where it would start. Princip's act was predicted thrirty years before it happened.
Blaming Princip for the War, and for the following century of bloodshed and brutallity, is a cop-out
by anonymous January 07, 2005
The famed killer of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Which the assasination led to World War 1
Franz Ferdinand Was Killed by Gavrilo Princip!
by Vivek April 09, 2005
THE man who has shaped the modern world. If it wasn't for Princip assassinating Franz Ferdiand in Sarajevo then WW1 would not have started, which gave rise to Hitlers popularity which started WW2. the bomb used to end this war started off a cold war which very nearly destroyed the planet. The rebels in the middle east during soviet occupation were funded by the US government which is the reason they are so powerful now.
Gavrilo Princip shaped the modern world and is responsible for approx. 300million deaths
by Jack Wood July 02, 2004
See the definition by 'Jack Wood.' (what I was going to write if I ever decided to define this guy)
I thought the same thing about Gavrilo Princip but nobody would believe me
by RHS Student July 04, 2004
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