the original bunny suit your aunt sent you that you had to wear or you'd get no presents.
She made me wear frank, but I needed to cry a little because I thought Daddy was trying to turn me into a dog or something, you know, so if you could remove that photo from your secret frank shrine, I won't press the button, O.K.?
by enviroman June 23, 2011
A cute, bald man that is obsessed with technology. Franks do it all from wrenches to RAM, from UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to USB, from pipe to HDMI plugs. There's no stopping a Frank when he's on a roll.
Damn! My computer blows, I'm never getting a Dell again. Thank God I have my very own Frank here! I'd be so lost without him!
by TheEZtrain March 02, 2011
Someone who looks like Frank from shameless.
Laith: Haha , look at callum!
Owen: He looks like such a frank!
Laith: True , true...
by ShroomDawwg November 07, 2010
A girl who is absolutely foul. Normaly fat and rank, hense - FRANK
Joe - mate that girl is a total frank.
Harr Brook - yeah i have never seen somebody as fat and rank as that
Joe - well maybe lottie
by Whoretown August 22, 2010
The asshole who lives next door
Franks an asshole
by aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas February 04, 2014
Originally a nice guy but once large amounts of alcoholic drinks have been consumed, he turns into a big douchy frat guy. Any girl in sight becomes prey.
Friend 1: Did you see Johny drunk last night?

Friend 2: yes ! He was acting like a Frank though.
by JoRogen November 27, 2013
A guy who thinks he is good at basketball but really is just a failure. Is intimidated by cheerleaders or anything that has to do with playing against a girl.
Guy 1: "dude idk if I can play against him... He has girls cheering for him!"

Guy 2: "quit being such a frank"
by SkyHighDiamondsUpHigh July 26, 2013

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