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Horny lemur
Can be a horny lemur frank
by Jason Stokes October 16, 2013
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A guy who thinks he is good at basketball but really is just a failure. Is intimidated by cheerleaders or anything that has to do with playing against a girl.
Guy 1: "dude idk if I can play against him... He has girls cheering for him!"

Guy 2: "quit being such a frank"
by SkyHighDiamondsUpHigh July 26, 2013
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"I'm just listening to music and hanging out with friends."

"Ahh, that sounds frank!"
by frankfrankisawesome April 12, 2013
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an amazing boy who loves the same music of his best friend(female) the have soooo much in common yet he ignores how perfect they are for eachother a shallow guy but still can be an amazing friend
girlyou seee the way he treats her

boy what a frank
by confused_help December 20, 2011
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A main character in "The Great Gatsby"
Frank walked down the street with Nick Carraway
by Crookdale October 12, 2011
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To fail miserably or be a long way off something. Generally used when missing a shot of some sort.
Haha that guy just Franked.
by Pheg May 04, 2011
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someone who doesn't like admitting that he thinks trey songz is hot and who is willing to break friendship laws because he doesn't want to say how he truly feels
I know, he's such a frank:/
by kwiwnms December 11, 2010
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