A word used to describe an oribyte from east London with arms smaller than a little girl's and sword swallowing tendencies
Can I be Frank with you
by Daniel Defoe May 07, 2013
an amazing boy who loves the same music of his best friend(female) the have soooo much in common yet he ignores how perfect they are for eachother a shallow guy but still can be an amazing friend
girlyou seee the way he treats her

boy what a frank
by confused_help December 20, 2011
A main character in "The Great Gatsby"
Frank walked down the street with Nick Carraway
by Crookdale October 12, 2011
To fail miserably or be a long way off something. Generally used when missing a shot of some sort.
Haha that guy just Franked.
by Pheg May 04, 2011
A cute, bald man that is obsessed with technology. Franks do it all from wrenches to RAM, from UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to USB, from pipe to HDMI plugs. There's no stopping a Frank when he's on a roll.
Damn! My computer blows, I'm never getting a Dell again. Thank God I have my very own Frank here! I'd be so lost without him!
by TheEZtrain March 02, 2011
can be used as a communal word to describe a group of Asians or an Asian in general, since a lot of Asian men are named Frank.
Scott: Yo bro, did you see any Franks last night?
Ben: Yea, they were crowding up the sushi place!
by Tankd_Up November 16, 2010
Someone who looks like Frank from shameless.
Laith: Haha , look at callum!
Owen: He looks like such a frank!
Laith: True , true...
by ShroomDawwg November 07, 2010

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