Someone who is particularly anti drugs. Based on the UK anti drugs campaign; Talk to Frank.
Don't be such a Frank
by Andy305 March 10, 2009
A contraction of fucking and rank. Similar in style to fugly. Something is f'rank if it is extremely rancid. Can be used in any situation where expressing your disgust is required.
As I entered the room a f'rank smell filled my nostrils. Nasty!
by Jesse March 07, 2005
The man from ohio who is hilarious - but thinks he is superior to everyone although he is not. Enjoys online gaming. AKA Mr Loveable.
Frank is lame.
by wotdouwant November 14, 2008
One who continuously sends the same message to another in the time period of thirty minutes, therefore disabling the receivers phone for the time being.
Person 1: "Aw man, he's pulling a Frank on me. . ."
Person 2: "What does the message say?"
Person 1: "I'm not sure, I can't read it, I'm receiving the messages too quickly."
by Love2Laugh7707 July 19, 2009
(verb) to add a random girl on myspace
Cory "How did u meet Shaniqua?"
Fra "I Franked her"
Cory "of course you did fra"
by Fra with a swa August 09, 2007
look up Fuck/Fucked, same definition minus anything having to do with or related to sex
I franked up, FRANK!, what the frank is this?
by Spartakus2007 September 19, 2008
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