One who continuously sends the same message to another in the time period of thirty minutes, therefore disabling the receivers phone for the time being.
Person 1: "Aw man, he's pulling a Frank on me. . ."
Person 2: "What does the message say?"
Person 1: "I'm not sure, I can't read it, I'm receiving the messages too quickly."
by Love2Laugh7707 July 19, 2009
(verb) to add a random girl on myspace
Cory "How did u meet Shaniqua?"
Fra "I Franked her"
Cory "of course you did fra"
by Fra with a swa August 09, 2007
look up Fuck/Fucked, same definition minus anything having to do with or related to sex
I franked up, FRANK!, what the frank is this?
by Spartakus2007 September 19, 2008

To sneak up on someone and rub/rape his or her face
AHH!! I just got franked!
by m3rcip0url3v3nin January 18, 2008
A super creeper. Cuts holes in his pockets during class so he can touch himself. It's not like anyone else wants to. Owns a stupid dog named Spunky. Often practices karate on unsuspecting trees. Go Frank Go!! Is very protective of his bus seat. If taken, he will react with violence, unless you have tits he can rub up against.
You can't sit there Caitlin, that's Frank's seat!!!!
by supercoolman45678 July 18, 2009
Frank a sorry looking good for nothing individual. Usually a worthless jobless prick who trys to fight anything that seems to threatin his warped version of reality. Can think that they are good at everything and have a Godliness complex.
"Oh my god here comes Frank the 'musician'"
by Frymaster May 12, 2009
Headbutt at a party usually administered by a weird fucked scotch, as the result of a previous dispute online.
Don't make me fucking Frank you.
by Kev - ET December 10, 2007

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