1. A hyper-mutated single cell organism which has the IQ of under 5 and has the logic of a blank piece of paper.

2. is empty or blank.
Instead of a blank page, it is a Frank page.

3. no clue on authority and organisation.
Thats a frank bit of paper.
by Frankhater June 24, 2010
To have mangled hands from fighting with friends/objects often resulting in numbness which can last from a few weeks to forever.
Shit, my hand's gone all Franks.
by Talktofrank112 April 16, 2010
a frisbee golf shank
Man, I showed them who is the boss by franking it on the 9th tee!
by Risk Doctor June 16, 2010
The bunny in Donnie Darko who comes to Donnie in "hallucinations", speaks revelations, time travels, and is one of Donnie's only friends.
"28 Days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds," Frank tells Donnie," that is when the world will end."
Perhaps what the movie 28 days later is named after?
by CrKRksTEADy July 02, 2010
yo frank dude
by jesus99 February 04, 2010
A cross between a hyena and a jack rabbit, this loud laughing creature can be heard devouring its lunch or dinner from miles away. It very rarely sleeps and prays on unsuspecting problems in the I.T. environment.

Holy shit dub, is that a Frank?
by Mitchell Von Nunya May 15, 2008
A name used when no other name will work.
Example 1: "I can't remember your name, so I'll just call you Frank, Frank."

Example 2:

"Who was that guy?"
"Don't know. I just called him Frank."
by fantastickfred August 08, 2009

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