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A cross between a hyena and a jack rabbit, this loud laughing creature can be heard devouring its lunch or dinner from miles away. It very rarely sleeps and prays on unsuspecting problems in the I.T. environment.

Holy shit dub, is that a Frank?
by Mitchell Von Nunya May 15, 2008
42 50
A name used when no other name will work.
Example 1: "I can't remember your name, so I'll just call you Frank, Frank."

Example 2:

"Who was that guy?"
"Don't know. I just called him Frank."
by fantastickfred August 08, 2009
12 22
A guy who thinks that he is really strong, but is actually extremely weak. Anyone could K.O. him in one punch.
Most architecture students are Frank.
by pinchotiko2 February 17, 2010
18 29
Frank out
A verb used to describe someone who is in a strongly altered state of consciousness, usually due to psychedelic drugs. (see Freak out)

Symptoms may include bulging/glossy/watery eyes, slack jaw, runny nose, spontaneous laughing/shrieking/yelling. A strong detachment from ones surroundings is common.
Do you think Martha had too much LSD? Look at her, she's totally franking out.
by diphenhydramine3 February 21, 2009
5 18
Can be used in place of any adjective.
Dude, that was so Frank.
Frank you.
Seriously, this is Frank.
by Rhett "The Dog" August 26, 2007
23 36
A contraction of fucking and rank. Similar in style to fugly. Something is f'rank if it is extremely rancid. Can be used in any situation where expressing your disgust is required.
As I entered the room a f'rank smell filled my nostrils. Nasty!
by Jesse March 07, 2005
20 33
Someone who is particularly anti drugs. Based on the UK anti drugs campaign; Talk to Frank.
Don't be such a Frank
by Andy305 March 10, 2009
6 20