The best last name for a girl to have. To be of the UPMOST awesomeness. <3 <3 <3
Guy 1: Hey dood, you see that girl?
Guy 2: Yeah man, I see her. Why?
Guy 1: What's her name?
Guy 2: Carmen Foust. =____=
Guy 1: Dood. SHE'S HAWT. That's a badass last name.
by WHO.YO.DADDAY. January 26, 2011
Top Definition
The appropriate word to use when saying fuck. You can say it infront of adults without getting in trouble.
George "Foust You(Fuck You)"
Teacher "Thanks for using a nice word."
by Crazy Hot Daddy January 19, 2008
1. To One Up Someone or Something
2. Ridiculous or Obvious Exaggeration
3. To Live In a False Reality
Dude, I got laid by a hot latina this weekend" "Oh, yah. Well I got laid by two virgin oriental twins." "Your Fousting me right?
by Thomas S. Gosh March 28, 2011
verb: to be double teamed in a closet

synonyms: eiffel towered, white trash, classy
do you know that girl?
-what girl?
that girl we just fousted in the closet!
-dude, that's fucked up
yea man, frosh put outt
by foustmehard February 19, 2010
to half-ass something, as in not giving full effort. also, to make a wild, inexplicable excuse for not completing a task.
Jake fousted his English essay for Mrs. Hatchett, turning a piece of crap that a third-grader could have written.
by mdfoust March 08, 2009
A large white beared lizard , capable of fierce outburst , but will always be puss at heart.
You see him walking around the hallways with a large back , and even during mass he has on England shirts and the new Nike Shocks
by Mad Hatta October 11, 2004

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