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Metaphysicians and mystics describe the fourth state of consciousness as a portal to the other dimensions and other worlds.

We are not "consciously" aware of this fourth state in the normal course of living. However, in certain moments that can only be described as sublime, we get a hint of this fourth state which exists within us, which is all ours to explore.

We enter the portal of the fourth consciousness by beginning to detach from the entity called "thought".

A form of meditation requires one to progressively slow the non-stop internal dialog. Listening to some forms of music such as Progressive music can enhance this experience with to persistent practice. Gradually reaching a stage when our attention is no longer engaged in or focused upon our thoughts; we simply see them idly amble on the prairie of the mindscape, without evoking any reaction or response .

Science is increasingly becoming attracted towards exploring the fourth state of consciousness is the pleasant physiological changes that have been observed in the body and the brain of people who spend time in this state on a regular, consistent basis. A change in the volume of some very special chemicals in the body such as dopamine and melatonin, coupled with heightened parasympathetic activity and higher intensity of electric waves in the alpha and theta bands in the brain --- are just some of the unique characteristic consequences of dwelling in the fourth state.
by tract February 11, 2010

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