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Having sex with four women at once, using hands, dick, and tongue.
I fourscored last night, and it was as glorious as the Gettysburg address.
by podquad November 11, 2010
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Scoring a convo on another person's post, taking all the attention off of them.
Two or more people having a conversation together on someone else's foursquare check-in.

Person that checked in: "This place is the best"
Person 2: That place sucks, who wants to go to ****?"
Person 3: Me!
Person 4: I'll be there!
Person that checked in: did I just get fourscored?
by Charlinne April 11, 2012
Four Score = 4:20
or "I'm so high"
"Four Score, and Seven years ago"
"I'm so high right now...And seven years ago."
by FinShaggy February 26, 2012

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