When four guys assfuck a single girl, at the same time.
Jack: "I heard that Phil's girlfriend cheated on him last night with FOUR other guys. Word is they all got drunk and did the Four Leaf Clover."

John: "Is that shit even legal?"
by PhrozynWynd January 22, 2011
Top Definition
When two girls press their naked breasts together and a guy titty-fucks the center.
Guy #1: So did you get lucky with that girl last night?
Guy #2: Sure did. Turns out she has a kinky roommate with big tits. Let's just say together they helped me find a Four Leaf Clover!
by Stefan22 August 24, 2007
when a woman has four penises (or dildos) inserted into any one of her orifices making the shape of a 4 leaf clover. Note: this requires the use of a small and very tight hole so that there is tension against the penises (or dildos) or the hole will tend to be shaped more like a square (commonly referred to as "square dancing" with a female)
Her asshole was so tight that it took us a long time to get all 4 cocks inside her, but when we did we were rewarded by the beautiful tight pucker of her four leaf clover.
by brentionary August 14, 2014
A virgin- rare and elusive in today's day and age.
Eshay 1 : Bro, that chick is a 20 year old four leaf clover.
Eshay 2 : Damn, I better pop her cherry.
by peewee_sanchez January 09, 2011
Small, insignificant weeds that some superstitious people beleive are made by small green fairies, who dance and sing in an Irish accent and love gold in pots under rainbows. Therefore, these unitellegent people find this weed lucky, and they go on long idiotic hunts to find one. Most people are utterly disapointed when they come up emptyhanded, because most people can;t find four leafed clovers.
Gee look: Four leaf clovers! Just like in the lucky charms cereal! Wow!
by FerretFrenzy May 17, 2008
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