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Amazing power-pop band, with incredible song writing
Fountains of Wayne is the nigger shit
by Robert Dole March 03, 2004
A power-pop band/indie-rock band formed in 1995. They're pretty unknown. Their biggest hit so far would have to be Stacey's Mom. (All together now --- Ooohh! That band!) They've also had a hit on The OC Soundtrack; All Kinds Of Time.

Current band members include:
Chris Collingwood (guitar, vocals)
Adam Schlesinger (bass)
Jody Porter (guitar)
Brian Young (drums)
A: Do you know what Fountains of Wayne is?
B: It's a band!
A: Contratualtions! I've been asking everyone today and you're the first so far.
by iwasakaleidoscope May 13, 2006
A great band with great songs. Very underated by the general populace because people are too busy listening to hip hop.
Person listening to hip hop: Yo i neva heard of no fountains of wayne.
Person with good musical taste: That's cause your a moron
by doureallywanttono September 12, 2005
A powerpop band. This is not wikipedia, so i'll cut the crap, and say; a one-hit wonder popular for "Stacy's Mom."
"Hey Doug, put that Fountains of Wayne song on."

Everyone at the party, drunk: "STACY'S MOM, HAS GOT IT GOING ON!!"
by SUN GG January 19, 2009
A 72 year old store down the street from me that sells hideous Italian-style fountains between a hamburger place and a computer outlet.

Apparently there is also a band or some shit, I don't know. Something like that.
Hey, Doug! Have you picked up anything from your garden for this summer?

Why yes, Joesph, I did. Over at Fountains of Wayne.
by Max May 27, 2004
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