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A real weak person trying to look like a hard gangsta.
"Hey that kids a fougaisy, he ain't hard."
by Street Binez November 01, 2003
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Combination of faggot and daisy.
"That's how to show these fougaisies how it's supposed to go." (Young Buc)

Mr. Child from Downey High is the biggest fougaisies that's ever gotten out of dodge. (Inside Joke)
by Latino_boy_with_big_chile. June 06, 2004
a faggot. a fake bitch tryin 2 act thug.
Ja Rule. Irv Gotti. the whole fukin murder inc.
by mike November 30, 2003
Its italian for fake...fougaisies...sound it out...for gazing!!..just for looking at...its not real...only good for GAZING at...fougaisies
"That diamond is a fougaisies"
by Zac.G November 11, 2006
fake and non original. Try hards that will never get anywhere
(in italian accent) "hey gino!" "that george bush and the rest of his crew are fucken fougaisies"
by $mokin J.O.E October 03, 2006
a fuckin cunt
a person who thinks he is a badass but he is really a punk ass cunt
by mr.cunt February 04, 2004

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