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For surely. A combination of for and surely. Made up by Ryan Cabrera on February 10th, 2005. "I made up a word. It's foshizzly! Spread it around!" - Ryan
Kelly: Hey Kat, you wanna catch a movie
by naRdiZZle February 15, 2005
5 0
A wild-card word. Can be used whenever and wherever wanted in a sentence.
Marie: Hey, like my new shoes?
Kat: yah..they're FOSHIZZLY cool!


Kole: Look at my new shirt!
Kat: It's so FOSHIZZLY!
by naRdiZZle February 16, 2005
2 1
its also a wild card word, throw it in anywhere, mainley a adjective.
kat: wow kel, thats some foshizzly styles you got goin.
by kelly February 16, 2005
1 2