shortened version of fo sho.
pronounced foe shhh.
"americas best dance crew is the best show everrr."
by E leadz July 10, 2008
A mediocre splitter developed in the 1980's by the Boston Red Sox pitching staff. The fosh is often thrown by pitchers not capalble or throwing a real splitter.
I threw a fosh and it went 500 feet the other way.
The fosh is a splitter for pussies.
by Whittaker Crest April 24, 2007
n. Female genitalia, commonly (he !) used in the north of Englnd
Betty : God my FOSH is itchy
by pa55w0rd July 15, 2004
a name for a big showoff.
if someone was doing,like, triple back flips everywhere you look or doing something and they're just too good at it, just whisper loudly" what a freakin' fosh!" trust me. they'll stop.
by stephay c. February 13, 2004

Fear Of Squigulium Howl

A sound that is the cross between a sand-people (from Star Wars) attack call and the the moan of a sick and dying cow dropping a load in front of a wagon. Usually made 30 minutes after last call on a Thursday night.

"I couldn't help but fosh in her face."
"Did you run?"
"Shit yeah I ran."
"Good man. I heard she got squigs."
by chewskunk March 13, 2008
FOSH A large vagina whole
that person has a fosh cause shes fat
by fagorita December 14, 2007
a word that can be used to describe anything you want in any way you want, meaning is derived for each individual situation, used strictly when talking to your soul mate, pronounced like gosh.
1) Babe you look so damn fosh I wanna bang ya now.
2) Dude I took a crap and it smelled so fosh I almost died of the bad smell.
3) That biotch is so foshingly annoying.
4) I foshingly fucking love yo booty.
by zerlugdnamairam February 04, 2005
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