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It's Fosho, without the o...recognize
Friend 1: I'm feeling pretty gnar right now. Thinking of taking these danky loper back to my chill pad and colemanationing her. Should I?
Friend 2: Fosh...
by chadg_77 September 24, 2009
5 7
the word is a derivitive of for sure. for sure turned into fo sho, then it was put together to form fosh.
fosh yo momma was good last night. Fiona is fosh a hotty.
by DMB FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 06, 2003
114 49
The combination of a girl who is Fit and posh. Normally found in the countryside riding horses, or going shooting. Well spoken, but not snobby.

Created by ECP and CG
Woah that girl was such fosh!
by ECP September 05, 2012
23 8
mistakenly used as a acronym meaning FUCK OFF SHIT HEAD by kewanee high school faculty members of kewanee IL. It actually is derived from for sure, but those idiots don't know anything.

not acceptable for freshmen follies t-shirts.

The principal be hatin on me for talking slang. I told him to FOSH
by lame like betty October 19, 2008
57 42
A hybrid of the words "for sure", mean yes.
Question: Hey you going to that party tonight?
Answere: Fosh.
by westmoonlady December 14, 2007
20 12
A hybrid/slang for the two words For Sure.
It's easier and quicker to text and express to friends then saying For Sure.
Q: Hey do you want to hit this?
A: Fosh!
by Ccal831 January 14, 2009
39 34
absolutley sure; definite. prefix of for sure.
woah. karlye your hair looks good. fosh.
by taylorr :] October 19, 2006
4 2
the words for and sure combined
"Those jeans are very trendy."

by Youwishyouwereme:) September 12, 2009
4 3